Monday, November 8, 2010

Tumblr Musings

I've been super busy thia week with papers papaers papers, so sorry for not commenting on your blogs! Things should be winding down at college after Wednesday, though, so I'll be able to spend more time on the internet.

Now, about Tumblr: I've been following loads of people on Tumblr and savings pics like mad (above pic oh-so-related), so I was thinking of signing up for one myself. My thinking is this: I have loads and loads of pics that I'd love to share, and the Tumblr site seems like the perfect format for doing that. So yeah, I'll probably be opening a page there to post my thousands of various pics saved from Pixiv, 4chan, etc.

And goddamn Tumblr has lots of porn. I'd link, but most of it's homo fag 2D porn and I'm pretty sure most of my followers are more into femmeslash, so, uh, I won't. Bust rest assured, it's there.

So would anyone be interested in Tumblr pic dumps?

Friday, November 5, 2010

HLJ November Sale!

HLJ is having their annual November sale from November 5-November 24 Japan Time, featuring some great deals on Revoltechs and Kamen Riders. I just picked up a Revoltech Woody for 1900 yen, and am looking forward to re-enacting many a rape pose with him.

On, and they're offering EMS shipping for 50% off, too. I normally don't order from HLJ, as AmiAmi is generally cheaper, but when HLJ has its sales, they're generally fantastic.

Ah, and my Revoltech Layton and Nendoroid BRS arrived today! I need to build a lightbox so I can take some nice pictures. I've been fiddling with them all day and I absolutely love them. Layton is worth full price, and Revoltech did a great job with him. BRS is a cute Nendoroid, but I'm glad I got her on sale; I don't think Nendoroids are worth the 3000 yen they go for.

Yeah, so that's my project for the week, then, to build the lightbox. How's your week been so far?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's officially Halloween here on the East Coast, and it's already kicking into full swing, which is in my case more of a spasm than an actual swing. I've been watching Beetlejuice to celebrate the season, and I baked some of those Pillsbury Holiday sugar cookies (you know what I'm talking about). It's pretty cash, not gonna lie.

So yeah, my plans for the holiday are pretty much to watch some Halloween movies, basically. Here's the lineup:
  • Beetlejuice
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • A Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Hocus Pocus!
  • Whatever horror movies are on the television
And then I'll read Harry Potter fanfiction because lol wizards.

So what are your plans? Anything happening outside of the illusive NEET bedroom?

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Do you ever feel like your life isn't going anywhere? I feel like I'm stagnating here, like I'm just existing day by day and there isn't a point to anything I'm doing. I read and draw and browse online and I go to school and I go to a job that I hate and I'm always tired and there isn't a point to this, none of it. I like school but a degree doesn't guarantee a job, and I have this choking concern that I'll never have a real career and I will disappoint everyone.

I just want to go to a cottage in the countryside and live there with my books and computer and stay there forever. No job worries, no money worries, just me and my existence.

I spent the last couple of hours downloading doujins. It gives me a real sense of satisfaction--finding good ones, finding rare ones--but then I sober up and realize that I spent a huge bit of time trying to obtain something that isn't even tangible.

But if it makes me happy, is it worth it?

This is why I could never be a total recluse NEET, these thoughts would plague me all day. At least the doujins were good. Pic related.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Figma Black Gold Saw up for preorder

To complete the Black Rock Holy Trinity, BGS is now available at AmiAmi for preorder for 2,070 Yen. Personally, I like her design, but I'll hold off on preordering her until I actually, you know, have money. DAT SWORD is gorgeous, though.

In other news, I've been re-playing the Professor Layton games in anticipation for the new Phoenix Wright crossover. For anyone who hasn't played them, you absolutely have to, they're amazing. And Layton is the most gentlemanly protagonist I've ever seen, all you hikis out there could learn something.

I can't wait for my Layton Revoltech to get here ( ^∀^)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Upcoming figures announced in Dengeki Hobby magazine

Dengeki Hobby scans are up on Futaba Channel's toy board, and an absolute smorgasbord of figures are on the way from Glorious Nippon. Here are some of the more interesting scans. Don't forget to click the imagse to enlarge the pictures.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kuragehime, Jellyfish Princess Episode 1

Before I start, let me just apologize for not posting an entry in a few days; it's been super-busy at college, what with this being mid-term week and all. And without further ado:

Kuragehime, Episode 1