Friday, October 22, 2010

Upcoming figures announced in Dengeki Hobby magazine

Dengeki Hobby scans are up on Futaba Channel's toy board, and an absolute smorgasbord of figures are on the way from Glorious Nippon. Here are some of the more interesting scans. Don't forget to click the imagse to enlarge the pictures.

Top erotic bloodbath animu Highschool of the Dead is having its multiple heroines given 3D representation in these scantily-clad figures. Personally, I think the sculpts could be nicer, but its good to know that merchandise is on the way.

Oreimo's tsundere heroine is getting a Nendoroid, featuring several expressions that will allow her to glower and frown at you in typical moe fashion. You too can have a judgemental, hypocritical imouto to call your own. Thanks, GSC!

Another shot of dearest Kirnino and, predictably, more Strike Witches Nendoroids.

On the left a clear shot of a Kirino sculpt can be seen, if your need for Oreimo merchandise was not quenched by her Nendoroid. The Index figure on the left is quite fetching as well.

Fate Stay/Night heroine Rin Tosaka is shown here in all of her energetic glory in this fabulously detailed figure, a definite must-have for any fan who could afford to skip a few meals.

And to complete the Black Rock Shooter holy trinity, Black Gold Saw's figma rendition is set to arrive. I, for one, might be swayed to buy her simply for DAT SWORD.


  1. There's so many things I want. :/

  2. I'm definitely getting Black Gold Saw.

  3. Wow, nice. Rin Tosaka! It's been a long time since I watched Fate/Stay Night.

  4. So many figures, so little money.

  5. Great, more Kirino figures. I don't know which one I should get now. Or if I just should all of them. ;_;