Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's officially Halloween here on the East Coast, and it's already kicking into full swing, which is in my case more of a spasm than an actual swing. I've been watching Beetlejuice to celebrate the season, and I baked some of those Pillsbury Holiday sugar cookies (you know what I'm talking about). It's pretty cash, not gonna lie.

So yeah, my plans for the holiday are pretty much to watch some Halloween movies, basically. Here's the lineup:
  • Beetlejuice
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • A Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Hocus Pocus!
  • Whatever horror movies are on the television
And then I'll read Harry Potter fanfiction because lol wizards.

So what are your plans? Anything happening outside of the illusive NEET bedroom?

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Do you ever feel like your life isn't going anywhere? I feel like I'm stagnating here, like I'm just existing day by day and there isn't a point to anything I'm doing. I read and draw and browse online and I go to school and I go to a job that I hate and I'm always tired and there isn't a point to this, none of it. I like school but a degree doesn't guarantee a job, and I have this choking concern that I'll never have a real career and I will disappoint everyone.

I just want to go to a cottage in the countryside and live there with my books and computer and stay there forever. No job worries, no money worries, just me and my existence.

I spent the last couple of hours downloading doujins. It gives me a real sense of satisfaction--finding good ones, finding rare ones--but then I sober up and realize that I spent a huge bit of time trying to obtain something that isn't even tangible.

But if it makes me happy, is it worth it?

This is why I could never be a total recluse NEET, these thoughts would plague me all day. At least the doujins were good. Pic related.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Figma Black Gold Saw up for preorder

To complete the Black Rock Holy Trinity, BGS is now available at AmiAmi for preorder for 2,070 Yen. Personally, I like her design, but I'll hold off on preordering her until I actually, you know, have money. DAT SWORD is gorgeous, though.

In other news, I've been re-playing the Professor Layton games in anticipation for the new Phoenix Wright crossover. For anyone who hasn't played them, you absolutely have to, they're amazing. And Layton is the most gentlemanly protagonist I've ever seen, all you hikis out there could learn something.

I can't wait for my Layton Revoltech to get here ( ^∀^)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Upcoming figures announced in Dengeki Hobby magazine

Dengeki Hobby scans are up on Futaba Channel's toy board, and an absolute smorgasbord of figures are on the way from Glorious Nippon. Here are some of the more interesting scans. Don't forget to click the imagse to enlarge the pictures.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kuragehime, Jellyfish Princess Episode 1

Before I start, let me just apologize for not posting an entry in a few days; it's been super-busy at college, what with this being mid-term week and all. And without further ado:

Kuragehime, Episode 1

Saturday, October 16, 2010

AmiAmi's having an unbelievable sale!

BRS Nendoroid is going for 1100 yen, and the Love Plus Nendoroid is going for only 1300 yen! That is a massive deal, guys, and not the only ones: loads of deals at AmiAmi right now. Here's the link. I bought the BRS (because holy shit that is dirt cheap) and the Revoltech Layton, for only 2550 yen. Fuck. Yes. I mean, they usually have the best prices, but goddamn.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Figures at the Park

So as I had planned in my last post, I went to the park today with some of my figures and took some pics. There's a little trail in the back, away from the front area where the kids and their parents play. I was a little apprehensive of going out in public with my figures, especially since an adult at a park with a camera and a bag full of toys might raise some kind of alarm, but it actually went very well.

These three were my favorite pics. I posted them on my MyFigureCollection account, as well.

I was actually posing Piccolo in a tree and some little kid came up on a bike and watched. It was a very strange experience.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Figure Size Comparison

I finally got my Figutto Reimu! She's absolutely fabulous; I'm very impressed with the Figutto line, and I think it's a serious competitor with the ever-popular Figma line. For a fabulous review of her, I'd like to direct you to this excellent review at the Spillowy Cog Spinner journal.

Now that I  have a figma, revoltech, figuarts, and a figutto, I can do a size comparison. If you're as particular and finicky as I am, it's important to know as much as possible about a figure before buying it. So, for your convenience, here's a pic with my Figuarts Goku, Figutto Reimu, Revoltech Yoko, and Figma BRS (feel free to click it to enlarge).

 As you can see, it's a good deal larger than a figma, but about the same size as a Revoltech or an S.H. Figuarts. She's about as sturdy as the Figuarts, too, which (as anyone with, say, a Kamen Rider can tell you) is very. Much more relaxing to pose her than a Figma, as I'm not worried about a leg snapping off at the slightest wrong move. She has me really excited for the upcoming Figutto Marisa!

I think I might venture outside, in public, to the park tomorrow morning to take some pictures with her. It's right by the house and hopefully there aren't any people out on a Friday morning. So, uh, look forward to that!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Media Overload + My Cat

I have so many movies/anime/television shows downloaded and waiting to be watched that, when combined with my tendency to procrastinate, has become absoluely overwhelming. Even on days when I'm laying around not doing anything, I just can't find the motivation to open up, say, Season 1 of Mad Men and actually watch it. I did re-watch Star Trek, though (I was reading some of the fic on the Kink Meme--which has reached over 1000 fics, by the way--and was inspired). So that's...something.

And in sadder news, my mom's friend's cat just died today. She was 22 years old, which is around 150 in cat years. Kind of incredible. It makes me sad, though, knowing that my cat will die one day. I'll miss you, Oliver, despite your unsettling need to sit quitely on the couch and stare at everyone.

Do you guys have any pets? Cats are great for the antisocial lifestyle, but I have a dog, too, and it's nice that he kind of forces me to socialize.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Touhou Anime Sneak Peak!

Pulled from a thread on /a/, for those of you who haven't seen it. Skip to the 30 second mark, the rest is irrelevant. Here's the link!

That animation is godly, and if Flandre is confirmed, Remilia (and hopefully Patchouli) is as well. And, as someone on /a/ pointed out:

>>This is being put out by the same people who did Kara no Kyoukai. If you don't know what Kara no Kyoukai is, it's arguably one of the best OVA series ever. They do not do shitty animation. Even from the standpoint of not being a huge Touhou fan or anything like that, almost everyone on /a/ should watch this for just the beautiful animation.

So yes, I am absolutely looking forward to this. At the very least, it will be beautiful to look at.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Top 5: Nostalgia Version

"If you're reading this, post 4 things you like and share it with your readers, may it be 4 songs, 4 kinds of food or 4 pictures, or even 4 games I don't know. Just do it!" -- via Link

Changed it to top 5 things because that's how I roll. Don't forget to put on your Nostaligia Goggles before reading the list!

1. Dragonball Z

My first real animu. I would watch it on Toonami when I got home from school; it was the absolute highlight of my day. I still remember flipping my shit when Goku went Super Saiyan to defeat Frieza. DBZ will always be one of my favroite anime, ever, and I maintain that the Saiyan to Frieza sagas make for some of the best anime episodes of all time.

2. Harry Potter

My first real book series. I got hooked on Harry Potter in 4th grade, when my mom recommended I read the books; I listened to the first one on tape and quickly went through the next three, and from then on I was an absolute Potter fan. Waiting for the books to come out every summer and basically growing up with Harry was one of the biggest parts of my childhood. When the last book came out, I actually had to stop reading it part way through because I was crying; knowing that such an integral part of my life was about to end was too emotional. Kids today with their ipods and their Twilights don't know what it was like to grow up during Pottermania.

3. Watchmen

BABIES FIRST COMIC. But seriously, my first real adult comic, one with plot and feeling and symbolism and so, so much that it remains, to this day, one of my favorite pieces of literature, ever. Oh, and I totally cried when Rorschach died.And Ozymandias remains one of the best villains of all time. "I did it 35 minutes ago," indeed.

4. Ranma 1/2

My first real mango! I loved the martial arts and the comedy (still do), and Shampoo was my first waifu. I re-read the series recently, and it still holds up well; funny, engaging, and it has heart. Definitely one of my favorite manga of all time.

5. Pokemon Red

My first real video game. My brother got Blue, I got Red, and for both of us, there was no turning back. We played our Gameboy Colors non-stop; even in the back of the car at night, we would wait for Mom to drive past a lightpole for a glimpse of the screen. Bulbasaur, man, you were a great starter, and a true bro. And Gary, fuck you, you were the biggest dick of a rival ever. I will never rage as hard as I did when I was trying to find a Pokemon Center, one Pokemon left with barely any health, and Gary rolls on up and challenges me to a battle.

Good times.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Retail Horror Stories

It's been two weeks and my Remilia figutto has yet to arrive. Hopefully it doesn't end up as one of those SAL horror stories where it take 100 days for the package to arrive.

In other news, I just applied for a new job at an assisted living facility, as a "dietary aid" (helping serve meals and that sort of thing). I work as a cashier right now; it pays the absolute lowest wage, the hours are terrible, and the people are monstrously rude, always. And it's a very busy store, too, so I'm always running around with people yelling and complaining and I cannot stand them. It's a God-awful job and I really hope I can get a new one; the only positive is the many Retail Horror Stories I have now. For example:

>>huge woman tumbles in
>>stinks like dead fish
>>checks out at my line, coughing/hacking with what I can only assume is consumption or some sort of plague
>>gets money to pay, coughs into the bills before handing them over
>>OCD kicks in
>>force self to take the money, make change and put it on the counter
>>"I'm trying not to get sick, m'aam, it's flu season and--"
>>demands to see a manager
>>I get yelled at

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Japan loves South Park + I just want to be alone

New South Park episode tonight at 10 pm est, and in celebration of that I went looking for pics at pixiv. I found a lot.

No, really, there's a boatload of South Parks pics there, so apparently Japan is really into it. Maybe it has something to do with co-creator Trey Parker being a huge fan of Japanese culture (he speaks the language, watches anime, and he even snagged himself a Japanese wife!).

In anti-social news, I had a severe bought of I-just-want-to-be-alone-itis today; everyone at home is arguing over everything and my response is to just slink off to my room, but I have to play peace-keeper, basically, and so I have to be there, in the midst of it all. I'd rather just have quiet. You guys that live by yourselves are very lucky.

So, uh, watch the new episode of South Park tonight!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall 2010 Anime

So I think I've finally narrowed down which anime I'll watch this season: Oreimo (My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute), Panty and Stocking, Kuragehime, and season four of Hetalia Axis Powers. I don't think I could handle more than four shows, honestly.

So, what are you guys watching/looking forward to this season?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bookpost: Animal Farm and Lost Girls

I'm in the midst of two books right now, both very good in their own little ways: Animal Farm by George Orwell and Lost Girls by Alan Moore.

Animal Farm is one of those "classics" that's become such an iconic piece of literature that going into it, you're familiar with half the plot already. I've been wanting to read it for ages and so far it's quite good, with it's straightforward writing style (none of the long flowery prose that someone like Dickens is so fond of) and Orwellian humor. I'm going to watch the animated movie when I finish it, as it's also supposed to be very good.

As for Lost Girls, well, it's a graphic novel filled with the kind of excessive sex Alan Moore loves to put into his work. Seriously, seriously nsfw (there's underage lesbian sex in the first goddamn page), but all of the literary allusions and the fact that Dorothy, Alice, and Wendy are the main characters keeps it engaging. Alan Moore is an absolute crazy person (a bit touched, as my mother would say) but he is a genius. It's probably the beard.

After I finish those I still have loads and loads of books to read; I have the nasty habit of finishing one and buying two more, and as such my drug supply book collection is never-ending.

Seriously though, I'm pretty sure Alan Moore's beard is alive

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pilgrimage to Holy Nippon

I've never been to Tokyo, Japan, but I've always wanted to go. I think I might actually start saving up, putting away like 100 dollars a month or something so that by next year I'll have enough to visit for awhile.

I was thinking of visiting around December, so that I could go to winter Comiket (and plane tickets are waaaaay cheaper then, too). And obviously, I'd go on a Holy Pilgrimage to Akihabara.

Really, I just haven't traveled as much as I'd like; I've been to Central America and around the U.S., but that's the extent of my worldliness. I'm young enough to travel around, so why not start with glorious Nippon?

Have any of you ever been to Japan?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Which Touhou is Best Touhou?

Nothing profound to blog about today, so how about a simple "who's your favroite Touhou" post? It's a good excuse to post this gorgeous pic, anyway.

Patchouli is my favorite; she's smart, an avid reader, has that moe "sick girl" thing going on, and the purple color scheme is fabulous.

Friday, October 1, 2010

2D Love

Inspired by this post by Kirari Star about his thoughts on 2D love, I've decided to write my own little entry on the subject, focusing on why I, personally, am strongly supportive of it; why, for me, it's much more logical than 3D love.

When you deal with 3D love (someone that's a living person), you have to take all of the bad with the (limited) good. With every hug and affectionate moment, you must deal with any emotional baggage, neuroticies, and all the general unpleasantness that people bring. With 3D, there's bad moods, hateful comments, fighting, and any relationship will, invariably, end.

With 2D, this isn't a problem.

No fighting, no infidelity, no end to the relationship unless you want it to end. And even better, you get a loved one with the ultimate personality. There are hundreds of thousands of characters with any number of possible personalities and body types, and you can pick and choose whoever you want. No pressure, no worries, and you are 100% guaranteed to find the perfect partner for you. Want someone tall and shy? Short and tsundere? Fat and slutty? Do you want a tiny, overconfident ice fairy?

There's a 2D for that.

And that is the most beneficial aspect of 2D love: perfection. You can acheive perfection with 2D, which is absolutely unheard of with 3D. Even people with the "perfect" 3D boyfriend or girlfriend have something they dislike about their partner. With 2D, there are no flaws; only you and perfection.

So really, as over-used as the expression is, 3D really is "pig disgusting," when compared to the end-all-be-all devotion that is 2D love. Why settle for anything less?

Happy Birthday 4chan!

It's hard to believe that 4chan is 7 years old today. I've been on 4chan for four years myself, and it doesn't seem like that long, really. I'm grateful for it, though; I don't think there's anywhere else on the internet where I could have so many different conversations on so many different topics with people all over the world. I hope it stays up for...well, forever. Bon anniversaire, 4chan!

So, how long have you all been on 4chan?