Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Belle is the Perfect Disney Waifu

I'm sure those of you who haven't exited out of this tab are wondering why, exactly, Belle is the ultimate Disney waifu. Why, it's simple, dear reader:

1) She likes to read and stay indoors, perfect for the recluse
2) She rebuffs the King Douche, Gaston; she is a pure waifu
3) She ran away from wolves, so obviously she can run away from any men attempting to soil her purity
4) She doesn't care about looks!

Need I say more?

But really, all of the Disney Princesses are moe except Cinderella


  1. I'm not sure what to say here
    but I'll post because I read it

  2. She's also willing to put up with an abusive anti-social personality.

  3. where did you get that picture from? who drew it?

  4. @hawk-eye2

    Saved it from an imageboard. I don't know who drew it, sorry.