Monday, September 27, 2010

Figutto Reimu v. Figma Reimu

So my order for Figutto Reimu went through at AmiAmi, and she's just shipped. Hopefully she doesn't get lost in SAL hell.

I'm actually very excited for the Figutto line, although initially I was concerned about the hideous kneecaps on their first figure. The Touhou line, though, is incredible so far. It's much larger than the figma line, allowing for greater detail, and rumor has it that they are much more sturdy than figma, as well.

And honestly? I think she's better looking. For comparison, here's the Figutto and the Figma.

The Figutto looks less MOE KAWAII DESU~, and more sophisticated, I think. And the bigger size is a great bonus.

I just hope they make a Patchouli figure. I need an articulated Patchouli to guard my bookcase.


  1. I think the darker red of the Figutto is much cooler. I should probably look into these myself sometimes, even though I've always been meaning to, but all I've got are two figures. An animal version of Nagisa from CLANNAD, and a cheap "made in china" chibi Patchouli I bought at Toranoana which I use as a paperweight and desktop mascot.

  2. I love the Reimu figutto, my only complaint is that she looks a little odd from the side.(enlarged head). Also her right shoulders cap is a little popped off and it seems it wont go back. She definitely is depicted better in the figutto iteration. When Sakuya comes I'm going to test out using the figma base as a stand due to the figutto stand being well...hideous. Overall the figure is great and you should enjoy her!

  3. I have Figutto Reimu, I agree she looks nicer than the Figma and she is a very nice figure, my only gripes are the skirt hindering the leg movement as it does not bend much.

  4. I definitely prefer the Figutto, the colors are far better and it's a lot more detailed compared to the Figma.

  5. "Bigger size?"

    Just how big are Figutto figures? I'm more concerned with properly size-matching figures as I enjoy creating hilarious scenes with them. If the Figutto line happens to be a little bigger than, say, S.H. Figuarts, then it would look a little awkward posing them together, no?

    But, yeah, they look much better overall than the Figma versions.

  6. Liking the Figutto. Even the Sakuya Figutto looks better than the the figma ver.

  7. @Hip-Hop Hikikomori :

    The Figutto are around 1/8 scale, I believe, while the Figma are a diminutive 1/12

    They should be around the same size as the Figuarts, but I'm not sure. When I get Reimu, I'll do a size comparison with my Figma BRS, Revoltech Yoko, and Figuarts Piccolo

  8. I have both the Figma and the Figutto Reimu. I like both, but I prefer the Figutto. She's too cute. ;_;