Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So, do you guys consider yourselves part of any fandoms? You know, shipping, reading fics, hording fanart; that sort of thing.

I like loads of shows/books/what-have-you, but I think I'd only really consider myself part of the Touhou, Hetalia (pic related!), and, well, Harry Potter fandoms. Not that I haven't saved loads of fic/art or don't ship characters from other things, mind you. The list of fandoms I've ever been involved in would be pretty long, but those three are fandoms that I always seem to fall back to. I think it's the huge cast of characters; there are so many different characters to explore that the fandoms don't get boring.

So what about you guys?


  1. I sort of hate fandoms. I hate how most people just don't get it, and seems like they're just really looking for somewhere to belong.

    Feels lonely, man.

  2. For me it's mostly Touhou, The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario. When I was younger I was a hardcore Pokémon fan. I still like it, but I hardly play the games anymore.

  3. @ Kami no Pocky

    "I hate how most people just don't get it, and seems like they're just really looking for somewhere to belong."

    I know what you mean, and for big fandoms, a lot of people are like that; they barely understand the source material and just want to be somewhere.

    But I've always found at least a small portion of the fandom seems to really know the characters and doesn't take everything too seriously (no crazy shipping wars and GRIM DARK EVERYTHING, I mean), and that bit, for me, makes fandoms worth it.

  4. Indeed.
    Something that makes me mad are people who say they love and are big fans of, say, Touhou. But they've never played the games, hardly know any of the characters names and their favorite song is "McRoll". derr

  5. I'm a dirty secondary. How can I fix this?

    What quantifies a "true" fan? I could memorize all of the facts in the world about something, but I'd argue that, even at that point, one still isn't necessarily a true fan.

    I find this frivolous and hard to comprehend; why not just enjoy things for what they are?

    For example, I can much more easily appreciate all the creativity, imaginative works, and inspiring pieces of art that Touhou has spawned than Touhou itself. It's the community that makes the fandom, after all.

    Does this make me a bad person?

  6. @Hip-Hop Hikikomori

    I think that, as long as you're in a fandom for the enjoyment of what it produces--be it art, fanfiction, or anything else--and not to stir up drama or as a tool to get attention, you're a true fan.

  7. Definitely the One Piece fandom. I like to have actual discussions about it not just HURR ONE PIECE IS BEST ANIME EVAR LOL NARUTO SUX. Love the fanart, the AMV's, the merchandise....everything. Not a big fanfiction reader, I think it would annoy me to read a story set in the One Piece world not written by Oda, but that's just me.

  8. I'm not really a fan of much, except this blog ;)

  9. i used to be somewhat into the mecha fandom, but not anymore i guess. I still hold much nostalgia and love towards mecha.

  10. Hm... Don't really believe I am.. Somewhat Zelda and Mario I guess I'd say.

  11. I don't know. I'm a huge faggot for a lot of things, but a fandom? Maybe word for word I would be, but I don' really see myself as a part of it, since I find it hard to identify with the entire group as a whole.

  12. Eh I dont know I do like nintendo characters quite a bit. I also really really like quentin tarantino movies